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A Community Project by Solace

Our objective is to ensure everyone receives scientific and affordable treatment.

Sanctuary treats with passionate science by passionate people.

A Community Project by Solace

Sanctuary treats with passionate science by passionate people.

We have seen, met or heard about people suffering from some form of addiction. Not many of them are able to stop or quit and live a normal life. For a long time we have battled to understand why is it that those suffering from addiction continue their behavior and are unable to make rational choices even after knowing there are negative repercussions.

Knowing now that addiction is a disease primarily in the reward system of the brain, has helped us much in identifying the right treatment approaches. We now are able to help people suffering from this disease overcome their compulsion and loss of control and slowly start to learn to manage and live life functionally.

Sanctuary is a community project initiated by Solace offering affordable scientific treatment to anyone suffering from this disease.


Our Privacy Policy

Sanctuary employs a strict privacy policy, both onsite and online.

Sanctuary respects the privacy of its users. Sanctuary will not sell, rent, or allow any identifiable information regarding its customers or website visitors to any third party. Any information that is given to us is held with the extent care and will not be exploited without your permission.



Client Testimonial

"Most of the rehabilitation centres feel like an institution, where there's a tendency for people to go there and feel incarcerated while they're recovering from their addiction, whereas in Sanctuary, my experience was, it felt more like a home, it was a place where I could get the therapeutic treatment that I required as well as being supported by the colleagues and the employees there as akin to a family member. Now, for the fact that it being a community project, and for them to not have a lavish funding of a high-end rehabilitation centre, for the fact that they have taken the time out to have a really detailed treatment plan, for each client individually, and for them to stick to the plan and work on the recovery and you know get us back on our feet has just been phenomenal."

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