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China: The next frontier of Addiction treatment?

China identifies itself as a civilization with no beginning, always in existence; the differentiation must be noted here: while throughout history and legendary narratives preceding its history

Addiction: Whatever-it-takes is Sometimes a Second Chance

How much you must have craved for it; a second chance! When you have lost that job or lost a loved one, you would have known it.

Addiction: The Disease of Choice

Often times we hear the society criticizing, claiming, assuming, and making statements regarding addiction being the choice an addict made by putting himself or herself in ‘such environment’ in the first place. If so, have you ever wondered why some people made such choices in their life to the point of losing life on its own?

Sanctuary Observer: Educate, Support and Motivate Your Way Out of Addiction

There was this person who had a veritable track record of inspiring others and motivating others to perform, and exceed limits well in life. One day he was giving a lecture on working hard and its importance. Suddenly someone stood up and asked: “give me two rules to be a success in life.”

Sanctuary beneficiary shares his transformational journey
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