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Sanctuary Prime

Recovery begins with the first 28 days at Sanctuary.

Primary Addiction Treatment Programme Overview.

Sanctuary’s prime is a comprehensive program that combines psychological, medical, social, spiritual and family-based services in a complete and holistic rehabilitation experience. Our program recognizes the all-consuming aspects of dependency; damaging physical, mental, emotional and social systems in life. in order to treat a multifaceted illness, a multifaceted therapy is utilized.


Sanctuary Flower™ model

At Sanctuary, we have created the Sanctuary Flower™ model, capturing the essential life quadrant of a person suffering from the disease of Addiction.

Sanctuary’s Bio Psycho Social Spiritual Model:

At Sanctuary everything we do is scientific and designed specifically for the purpose of treatment. From the point of first contact over the phone or visit to our clinic, the evaluation process begins. We employ a very customized treatment approach to meet the needs of each individual coming into treatment. The biopsychosociospiritual model is a holistic and scientific treatment approach widely researched and found to be evidence based for its outcomes. We further fine-tune this approach with continuous assessment and evaluations of each client and the needs of the family members.


Physiological Assessment
Psychological Assessment
Psychiatric Assessment
TIP based Detoxification
Medication Management
Nutrition Consultation
Therapeutic Massage
Physical Therapy
Pain Management
Neuro Feedback

Physiological Testing
Cognitive Assessment
1-1 Sessions
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Rational Emotive Therapy
Daily Process Groups
Staged Triggers
Relapse Assessment
Psychological Screening
Mood Management

Family Therapy
Couples Therapy
Sober Fun Activities
Recovery Journaling
Experiential Therapy
Music Therapy
Art Therapy
Self Help Support Groups
Vocational Training

Mindfulness Training
Spiritual Counselling
12 Step Programs
Reflective Exercises
Existential Therapy
Spirit Guidance
Daily Prayer
Gratitude Exercises

The Sanctuary Programme Overview:

Many of the clinicians on our team have battled and overcome addictions in their own lives. This group of highly trained and passionate clinicians not only has the real life experiences but are also academically qualified and certified in the science of addiction treatment. The clinical team comprise psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, psychologists, therapists, fitness trainer, dietician and are supervised by a team of consultants leading Malaysia in the field of addiction treatment.

Sanctuary Transformation Process

Day at Sanctuary

Every patient being admitted into Sanctuary will undergo each activity listed above in a customised format to enable them to heal and transform in their journey of recovery.

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